YOUR Voice Can Help Louisiana’s Energy and Environmental Future

I am writing to urge you and your colleagues at the EPA to support Louisiana’s application for Class VI Primacy.

Louisiana is the epicenter for energy and supplies much of the nation with energy from as far away as Idaho and Colorado to New York and Michigan. This region has more knowledge and expertise in energy development, geology, engineering, and more. So, it is no surprise that our states and our local experts are more than capable of understanding the areas where carbon capture and storage would be best and how to regulate it, all while directing economic and environmental benefits towards our communities, especially those who are underserved or are experiencing health benefits from pollution. Nothing could be more helpful than to start capturing carbon underground now.

Furthermore, many industries that are declining or facing increased regulatory scrutiny would benefit the most, as carbon capture and storage would improve their business operations through advanced technology and save jobs and economic benefits for these communities.

By supporting Class VI Primacy for Louisiana, we can alleviate the years-long federal permitting process that would hinder our region’s business and economic success while safeguarding our shared environment. 

I ask you to please support Louisiana’s application for Class VI Primacy.

Get Out and Vote!
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