We Need Fair Energy Pricing

Transmission is the movement of bulk electricity from power generators both inside and outside utility service areas to consumers. Some transmission lines (power lines) are within state borders while others are regional lines that move electricity across multiple states from where it is generated to where it is needed.

Competition in the development of regional electric transmission improves cost savings, drives innovation, and reduces risk for consumers. Some monopoly utilities want to stop the competitive development of transmission by having state legislatures pass Right of First Refusal Legislation.

Right of First Refusal is exactly what it sounds like – a utility that already supplies electricity gets to decide if it wants to build new transmission lines, with no competition, no competitive bids, no free-market process. Right of First Refusal STRENGTHENS a monopoly utility’s grip on its service area with NO benefit to consumers.

If you agree your government should not pick winners and losers by deciding who gets to build new transmission lines, and if you support fair energy prices, we ask you to join us.

Get Out and Vote!
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