Thank You for Enacting SB 1234 to Support Rural Idahoans

Dear Lawmaker,

I am writing to express my gratitude for the Legislature and governor in enacting Senate Bill (SB) 1234 to increase availability of contraceptives for Idahoans already prescribed birth control. As law, SB 1234 helps ensure that Idahoans living in rural areas have an adequate supply of our birth control prescription available when we need it most. 

This law increases the supply of prescription contraceptives Idahoans can receive at one time from three months to six months, helping to align prescription practices and insurance coverage so patients do not have to return to the pharmacy several times a year for their birth control prescriptions. This is essential for individuals in rural communities or where contraception access is limited and for college-going Idahoans living away from home for months at a time. 

This increased availability allows Idahoans who use birth control to have peace of mind that their prescription will be accessible and more effective due to lessened risk of missing a dose.

Thank you!

Get Out and Vote!
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