Vote No on SB785

Dear [Lawmaker’s Name],


I’m writing to strongly oppose SB 785, which is another power grab by Ticketmaster that hurts consumers like me.

Ticketmaster controls 80% of ticket sales, and prices have increased by 140% since their merger with Live Nation. Fans are being hurt by high fees and poor service, while Ticketmaster makes record profits.

The Department of Justice and CA Attorney General Bonta are standing up to Ticketmaster’s monopolistic practices. However, SB 785 would give Ticketmaster even more control over the tickets we purchase, allowing them to further grow their monopoly.  SB 785 also enshrines anti-consumer policies into California law, leaving consumers here with fewer rights compared to those in states like Colorado, Illinois, and New York.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta said, “Here in California, we’re committed to protecting consumers, holding industry accountable, enforcing antitrust laws, and ensuring a fair and competitive market.” The California Legislature should join the AG in standing up to Ticketmaster – not helping them as SB 785 would do.

Without competition, consumers lose. I urge you to oppose SB 785.



Get Out and Vote!
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