Thanks for pausing SB2700

Dear Senator Felag, 

We the undersigned constituents and voters in Rhode Island want to thank you for fighting for veterans and their rights. While well intentioned, we appreciate that your bill, SB 2700, is not quite ready to move forward.

Thank you for committing to work with all stakeholders in this space to improve your bill to ensure veteran choice is preserved when navigating the complicated VA disability system, while at the same protecting veterans from bad actors.

The current process is complicated, broken, and hard to navigate. Veterans need more options, and more choices, not less.

Rhode Island veterans are smart and capable of making a decision that works best for them and their families.

While SB 2700 has the goal of protecting veterans, unfortunately it would shut down expert private sector help for veterans in Rhode Island – and that isn’t right.

Similar efforts have failed to move forward in states like Arizona, California, Hawaii, Virginia, and
dozens more.

We appreciate your commitment to getting this right and thank you for pausing on SB 2700 and taking input from all stakeholders on this important issue.

Get Out and Vote!
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