Tell America’s Leaders to Continue Standing with Israel

Lawmaker / Biden Administration Letter:

I am writing to express my support for Israel and against the rise of antisemitism.  As a constituent, I urge you to use your power as my representative in Congress to:


  1. Stand with the State of Israel to provide whatever assistance the State and people of Israel need to defend themselves from the terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah, and their sponsor Iran;
  2. Actively assist Israel to ensure that all of the approximately 250 hostages are immediately released and returned home safely;
  3. Hold those who perpetrated the massacre against Israeli civilians in Israel on October 7 accountable for their crimes; and,
  4. To speak out against the rising tide of antisemitism in the US and abroad to ensure Jewish people are treated with respect, dignity and safety, like all other US citizens.


I believe that the United States has a moral obligation to demonstrate unequivocal support for our ally against the forces of evil who wish to destroy Israel, the Jewish people, and eventually all people with Western values.


Thank you for your time.

Get Out and Vote!
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