Take Action: The Federal Government Is Killing Wolves With Your Tax Dollars!

President Biden:

Montana’s Fish and Wildlife Commission has set a goal of killing 456 wolves this winter — including half a dozen from next to Yellowstone.

Last spring, an estimated 1,500 wolves lived in Idaho. By the year’s end, a full third of those wolves had been killed. Since then, Idaho has passed a law allowing for 90% of its wolves to be killed, and Montana has passed legislation allowing for wolves to be killed in nearly any way imaginable.

And almost anywhere in Wyoming, any wolf can be shot on sight for any reason — no permits needed, no questions asked.

This is an emergency for wolves, and they can’t afford another winter of virtually unlimited hunting in the Northern Rockies.

I’m urging you to restore their Endangered Species Act protections today. 

Get Out and Vote!
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