Support US / Israel Relationship

Here is a copy of the letter we will send to your lawmakers:

As your constituent, I urge you to stand with our ally Israel and work to strengthen the U.S.- Israel relationship in Congress.

Israel is America’s closest and most capable partner in a dangerous and strategically important region of the world. A strong U.S.-Israel relationship helps to keep Americans safe at home, protect our troops abroad, promote our values and interests, and prepare us for 21st-century challenges.

Yet America and Israel face unprecedented challenges in the Middle East, including Iran’s nuclear program and expanding regional aggression, Iranian-backed terrorist proxies throughout the region, and the increased threat of cyberattacks. Both countries are stronger and better prepared when they confront these challenges together.

For decades, Congress has played a vital role in strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship. With overwhelming bipartisan support, members of Congress annually support critical security assistance and U.S.-Israel cooperative programs in defense, science, and beyond. Congress has stood by Israel as it defends itself from terrorist attacks and confronts anti-Israel discrimination in the international arena. By strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship, Congress has also played an important role in promoting peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors—by making it clear to potential foes that they cannot defeat the Jewish state, and by providing ordinary Israelis with the confidence needed to take risks for peace.

As your constituent, I urge you to stand with Israel and help strengthen the U.S.- Israel relationship, for the benefit of both our nations.

Get Out and Vote!
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