Support TN Transportation

Here is a copy of the letter we will send to your lawmakers:


As a constituent in your district, I’m asking for your help to protect an industry here in Tennessee made up entirely of small businesses. Responsible entertainment transportation operators are asking for state-level, common-sense regulations to keep passengers safe and our economy booming. 

Under House Bill 1392/Senate Bill 825, local governments would be free to impose regulations that would effectively ban or severely hamper the ability of these small businesses to operate. Small changes, such as requiring local governments to issue permits if certain criteria is met, would protect these small businesses, and the jobs they create. Allowing local governments to regulate while placing appropriate guardrails on what regulations they can impose will level the playing field and ensure the law is applied consistently. Please support these policies so that responsible operators can continue operating their businesses as they do now, and can continue contributing to the economy.


Get Out and Vote!
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