Support the Repair Act !!!


As a constituent and a concerned citizen, I am writing to urge your support for the Right to
Equitable Auto Industry Repair (REPAIR) Act. This bipartisan legislation is not just about
ensuring fair access to vehicle maintenance and repair information; it’s about bolstering
American supply chains, fostering innovation and competition, and supporting small businesses
in our communities.

In recent years, our nation has witnessed the growing complexity of vehicle technology, which
has introduced significant challenges for independent repair shops, consumers, and fleet
owners alike. The restrictive practices employed by some automakers not only limit consumer
choice but also hinder the ability of small businesses to thrive in our economy. Additionally,
consumers spend on average 36% more when they take their car to a dealer as opposed to
independent repair shops. The REPAIR Act helps to keep money in our communities, and pass
along cost-savings to consumers.

Please stand with your constituents and small businesses across our state by supporting the
REPAIR Act and taking action to move it through the Energy and & Commerce committee as
soon as possible. Together, we can strengthen American supply chains, promote economic
resilience, and protect the rights of consumers, fleet owners, and entrepreneurs.

– [ NAME]

Get Out and Vote!
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