Support Our Pharmacists

Here is a copy of the letter we will send to your lawmakers:

I am writing to you today to urge you to take immediate action to cosponsor H.R. 7213 to ensure patients in my state and across the country can continue to receive timely care and services from pharmacists. More patients today, particularly those in underserved and rural communities, depend on pharmacists to access critical care and protect themselves from COVID-19 and other diseases like flu and strep throat.

Unfortunately, pharmacists are providing critical care to patients under a patchwork of policies that were put into place in response to the pandemic. When the HHS public health emergency ends, pharmacists will no longer have the authority to provide many of the services upon which patients have come to rely during COVID-19.

I urge you to cosponsor H.R. 7213 to ensure patients can continue to access essential care and services provided by pharmacists.
The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the gaps that remain to provide effective care to rural, underserved, and vulnerable communities. It also demonstrated how critical role pharmacists play to improve patient health for those who have few if no other health care options.

More than 100 national and state-based associations representing patients, pharmacists, community pharmacies, and rural and underserved communities support H.R. 7213. Please join them and cosponsor this bill to improve patient access.

Thank you for your support and leadership on this urgent issue.

Get Out and Vote!
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