Support Our 2nd Amendment

Here is a copy of the letter we will send to your lawmakers:

As a constituent and supporter of the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), I am emailing you today to demand that you OPPOSE the proposed “assault weapons” ban (H.R. 1808) being debated. Yet again peaceable individuals are being scapegoated and punished for the actions of others. Yet again, Congress is incapable of doing anything besides reaching for tired, old, and failed policies which abuse the natural rights of their constituents.

As the state has become increasingly weaponized against peaceable people, faith in the institutions of the state has also increasingly diminished. Actions such as this, pushing an assault weapons ban, will only increase social and political disillusion. I demand that you oppose ANY assault weapons ban and encourage your colleagues to do so as well.

Thank you for your time. 

Get Out and Vote!
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