Support Medical Progress

Here is a copy of the letter we will send to your lawmakers:

As your constituent, I write to you today to urge you to vote against the reconciliation bill, which, in its current state will only harm patients and the innovative medical treatments they rely on. Proposals in the current reconciliation package only address a fraction of the larger issues in the healthcare system and will lead to fewer treatments reaching the market, worse health outcomes for patients, and a weaker system of American biomedical innovation as a whole.

Medical innovations dramatically cut down on the need for urgent emergency room visits leading to lesser financial strain on the healthcare system. The recent rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines and treatments is just one example of America’s innovative healthcare system keeping Americans healthy and out of hospitals.  

Patients rely on new and improved drug therapies to better care for their health. This reconciliation bill impedes patient access and medical innovation in a piecemeal manner that disregards the overarching complexities of the drug pricing problem in America – with fewer new treatments reaching the market, patients stand to suffer the most. If passed, the impacts are clear: this bill would stifle the drug innovations many Americans rely on to better manage their health and will drive up costs in the process.

I urge you to oppose this controversial reconciliation bill, a radical, poorly planned package that will harm medical progress and patients and fails to address the full scope of the matter at hand.


Get Out and Vote!
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