Stand Up for PA Farmers and Consumers with Community Solar

Senator [Name],

I’m writing to express my support for HB 1842, the community solar bill now before the state Senate. By passing this bill, Pennsylvania can finally join the 22 other states already taking advantage of the economic benefits of community solar.


For too long, misguided regulations have barred our Commonwealth from the community solar movement, leaving both farmers and consumers behind. HB 1842 would change that, creating new revenue opportunities for family farms while expanding access to affordable energy statewide.


While opponents may try to pitch this as an “either/or” decision between solar and our natural gas industry, that narrative is simply false. An “all of the above” energy strategy is the best way forward, allowing various sources – including community solar – to coexist in meeting our energy needs. We don’t have to choose between farmers or natural gas; we can have both.


The bottom line is that Pennsylvania stands to gain immensely from community solar through:

Economic growth in our rural communities, as farmers lease land for solar projects
More competitive, affordable electricity rates for families

Family farms and everyday Pennsylvanians are struggling, and community solar would bring much needed relief.

Let’s not squander this opportunity. Pennsylvanians need it.

Can I count on you to vote YES on this bill?


Thank you for your consideration.



[Your Name]

Get Out and Vote!
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