Say No To Salt Cap

Here is a copy of the letter we will send to your lawmakers:

As your constituent, I write to you today to urge you to vote against the reconciliation bill, which fails to take into consideration the financial concerns everyday Americans are facing and does not go far enough to aid them. While hardworking Americans suffer due to inflation, recession, and rising costs of living, the decision to cap deductions on state and local taxes to $10,000 is simply negligible

The $10,000 SALT cap must be increased in this reconciliation bill in order to lessen the financial burdens your constituents already face today.

No increases to the cap will only inflame these issues and lead to higher levels of inflation and a faster freefall into recession – a disaster for the many citizens in the United States who already are struggling to make ends meet.

The decision is clear: No SALT, no deal. I urge you to vote against this reconciliation bill if the SALT cap is not increased – and stand up for your constituents.



Get Out and Vote!
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