Say No to House Bills 3242 and 3243


I am already struggling with cost-of-living increases across the board. Now is the worst time to risk higher insurance rates. House Bills 3242 and 3243 would seriously disrupt our insurance market, undermine protections for families and small businesses and may risk making insurance more expensive at a time Oregonians can least afford it.

When other states have adopted these policies, insurance rates for their residents rose drastically. These policies impose new costs on insurers, which studies show may raise premiums for policyholders like me. I don’t need higher insurance costs on top of everything else, especially when Oregon already has strong protections for consumers.

Oregonians can already bring a lawsuit or file a complaint with the state’s insurance commissioner if they feel they have been treated unfairly. Not to mention that this is a critical moment for the state to be protecting consumers who are facing many scams and price gouging. Expending public dollars to support a new area of private litigation is not the best use of tax dollars, particularly in tight fiscal times.


Say no to House Bills 3242 and 3243 and help protect struggling Oregonians like me!


Get Out and Vote!
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