Save Lives! Support Funding for Landmine Removal Programs!

Dear Representative/Senator,

As your constituent and a supporter of The HALO Trust, I want to thank you for supporting life-saving humanitarian demining programs in the FY24 budget. And, I am calling on you to include $271 million for these programs in the final budget and an additional $94 million for demining programs in Ukraine.

From Ukraine to Vietnam, from Colombia to Ethiopia, landmines and other explosive remnants of war are killing and harming thousands a year – many of whom are children. The presence of explosives prevents post-conflict reconstruction and stability. I am deeply concerned about the humanitarian cost of allowing landmines to remain in the ground. We cannot allow these senseless deaths to continue.

The House has included $271 million for Conventional Weapons Destruction programs in the SFOPS budget (a modest increase), while the Senate has matched last year’s allocation at $264 million. The Administration has requested roughly $94 million for demining efforts in Ukraine.

It is ESSENTIAL that Congress includes no less than $271 million for these life-saving State Department programs and $94 million for demining in Ukraine in the FY24 foreign aid budget.

This support is necessary to keep civilians safe worldwide, prevent dangerous weapons from falling into the wrong hands, and promote U.S. leadership in countries of strategic national importance. Please ensure the US continues to be the world’s leader in demining.

Get Out and Vote!
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