Save GA Restaurants

Lawmaker Letter:

As members of the Georgia restaurant industry, we stand in support of H.B. 225, introduced by restaurateur Representative Kasey Carpenter.

This common-sense legislation promotes fairness between third-party delivery apps and the local restaurants they serve and requires third-party food delivery services to: 

  • Prohibit listing, promoting, or accepting an online order for a restaurant without prior written consent.
  • Provide the restaurant with clear and written terms and conditions on fees and commissions.
  • Itemize and disclose to the consumer all costs and fees and the ultimate recipient of the money.
  • Provide information to the restaurant regarding an online order, which includes customer name, contact information, if they’re a new or repeat customer, as well as time and date of order, pick up, and delivery.
  • Clearly display and regularly update the status of an online order to a customer including, delivery method, the courier, anticipated date and time of the delivery, customer address, and confirmation that the order is delivered, or the reason why the delivery cannot be completed.
  • Not prohibit, restrict, or limit a restaurant from directly communicating with a customer regarding an online order, contacting such customer, or marketing to such customer.
  • Not limit the value or number of transactions that a restaurant disputes regarding order content, delivery, or payment errors, and the responsibility and reconciliation of any errors in online orders.

We hope we can count on you to speak out today. Thanks for all you do.

Get Out and Vote!
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