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Empower Local Control: Give New Hampshire Towns a Voice in Casino Decisions

As citizens of New Hampshire, we stand together to call for the establishment of safeguards that allows our towns and cities to have a decisive “opt-in” vote on the establishment of casinos within our borders. This petition is a call to empower local communities to decide their own future concerning casino development.

The Issue:
The rapid expansion of casinos in New Hampshire, with 14 new establishments and more planned, poses significant risks to our communities. These risks include increased rates of gambling addiction, violent crime, domestic abuse, suicide, as well as heightened welfare, social service, and criminal justice costs.

The Evidence:
Research, including a study from The Review of Economics and Statistics, indicates a marked increase in crime rates in areas following the introduction of casinos. Moreover, the New Hampshire Council on Problem Gambling has reported a rise in calls for help, signaling an increase in gambling addiction.

The Impact:
Our towns and cities are facing the brunt of these negative impacts. From the damaging effects on families of gambling-addicted parents to the potential for increased crime and the shifting of tax burdens to other local governments, the unchecked growth of casinos is a growing concern.

Our Proposal:
Inspired by policies in states like Pennsylvania, Nevada, and New Jersey, we propose allowing local municipalities in New Hampshire the right to an “opt-in” vote on whether to allow casino establishments within their borders. This approach respects the autonomy of local communities and ensures that any decision to introduce casinos aligns with the community’s values and needs.

Urgent Call to Action:
We urge our fellow citizens to recognize the importance of local control in these crucial decisions. By signing this petition, you are voicing your support for a democratic process that respects the right of each town and city in New Hampshire to decide its own path in regard to casino development.

This is about more than just gambling; it’s about the rights of our communities to determine our future. Stand with us in supporting local control over casino development in New Hampshire. Join us and help educate Granite Staters about the need to empower our towns and cities to have an “opt-in” vote on casinos.



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