Repeal Tennessee’s Certificate of Need (CON) law now!

Dear Lawmaker,

I am reaching out to urge you to fully repeal Tennessee’s Certificate of Need (CON) law.Tennessee patients deserve choices when it comes to their healthcare, but CON laws allow unelected bureaucrats to limit healthcare choices by denying access to new hospitals and other healthcare facilities and services. If Tennessee’s CON law is left in place, access to healthcare for families like mine will be negatively impacted. After federal government officials failed us so badly during the COVID pandemic, we know that unelected bureaucrats and government “experts” shouldn’t be allowed to dictate where healthcare facilities can or cannot be built, or the care they can provide. The Tennessee legislature and Governor Bill Lee recognized the harmful effects of these laws and reformed the state’s CON requirements in 2021. That was progress, but now Tennesseans want the state’s CON law to be fully repealed once and for all. It’s time for Tennessee’s leaders to fully repeal the state’s outdated CON requirements.



Get Out and Vote!
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