Re-Open The Investigation – Representatives

Here is a copy of the letter we will send to your lawmakers:

Dear Representative,

Twenty years ago, the United States was attacked by a lethal biological weapon. The terrorists targeted Capitol Hill, which shut down the Senate and created fear, confusion, and chaos. Five Americans, including two U.S. Postal workers, died in the assault.

No one has ever been charged for their murder. No one has ever been prosecuted. No one has ever been brought to justice and held accountable for these crimes.

New forensic evidence has now come to light. Prominent American scientists point out that this new evidence shows how the lethal anthrax was made, who made it, and why it was used to attack America.

I’m writing to ask you to re-open the anthrax case. It is time that America learns the truth about this heinous act of terrorism.

I urge you to hold hearings that get to the bottom of anthrax terrorism and to demand that the White House, Justice Department, and FBI do their jobs protecting America from bioweapons terrorism.

As former Congressman Les AuCoin points out:

“Our government needs to reopen the anthrax investigation. This new evidence makes a compelling case that the FBI wrongly accused an American scientist who never had a chance to defend himself. This new evidence is a call to action by our government.”

“We will not be safe from future bioweapons attacks if we don’t get to the bottom of the last one.”

Please help bring the perpetrators of this crime against America to justice.

Get Out and Vote!
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