Protect the Arctic from oil & gas drilling

Subj: Protect the Western Arctic from dirty fossil fuel development

Thank you for recently halting oil and gas leasing across 10 million acres of the Western Arctic. Please build upon this momentum and finalize your plan to protect more of the Western Arctic from oil industry attacks. 

Grizzly and polar bears, caribou, rare birds, and other wildlife species rely on public land in the Western Arctic. These sensitive areas are also home to dozens of Indigenous communities. 

This is a very rare opportunity for us to help shape which Special Areas in the Western Arctic will be protected from oil industry exploitation and destruction. 

And scientists know that the Arctic region is warming more than four times faster than the rest of the world, so stopping drilling here is a key step to avert climate catastrophe. 

Please protect the Western Arctic from dirty fossil fuel development before it’s too late.

Thank you.

Get Out and Vote!
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