Protect our Veterans

Urgent Concern: Oppose LD 2259 to Protect Veterans’ Rights

Dear [Governor’s Name],

I am writing as a concerned citizen and advocate for our veterans’ rights, urging you to veto LD 2259. We all agree that protecting veterans is a vital goal, but unfortunately, LD 2259 does not effectively achieve this, and in some ways does the opposite. The bill restricts veterans’ ability to hire expert help to help them navigate the broken VA. Guardrails are necessary to protect them from those who seek to take advantage of their frustration with the VA, but this bill fails to consider that veterans also need the expert help of private consultants for their unique and often complicated claims. This bill’s approach contrasts with the necessary reforms to protect veterans from exploitation while preserving their right to seek expert claims support. It’s crucial that you veto LD 2259 and prevent further strain on an already overwhelmed system and ensure that our veterans have the freedom to choose the best path for their claims.

[Your Name]

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