Please support seven-day sales and direct-to-consumer shipping of distilled spirits in Mississippi!

As a member of the Senate Finance Committee, I am writing to request your support for seven-day sales and direct-to-consumer shipping of distilled spirits in Mississippi.

The overwhelming majority of states give adult consumers the option to purchase their favorite distilled spirits any day of the week they choose.

In fact, since 2002, 22 states have passed laws permitting Sunday sales, bringing the total to 44 states. Unfortunately, the same is not true for me as a Mississippian who is prohibited from making distilled spirits purchases on Sundays.

Thanks to outdated “blue laws” banning the retail sale of distilled spirits on Sundays, my freedom to make a simple purchase is prohibited by the government.

Consumers like me deserve to make their own choices regarding their purchases.

This is also true for being able to order distilled spirits directly from my favorite distillers to my doorbell. Allowing distillers to ship directly to consumers would increase consumer convenience and provide support to the distilleries in Mississippi. Distilleries in the state are facing harsh economic conditions including staff shortages, supply chain issues and increasing inflation. DTC shipping is a stable source of revenue and a lifeline for these businesses. Plus, it allows me to support distillers and ship my favorite spirits.

Direct-to-consumer shipping has, will, and should continue to serve as an additional market access channel to complement the traditional three-tier system of alcohol beverage distribution. There are well established and appropriate responsibility measures already in place to ensure shipments of alcohol are done in a safe manner that does not allow minors to illegally access beverage alcohol.

I’m asking you to stand up for my freedoms and free markets in Mississippi by supporting HB 329, which would end the prohibition-era ban on distilled spirits sales on Sundays, HB 430, which would allow direct-to-consumer shipping of distilled spirits and wine and HB 328, which increases licensing opportunities in Mississippi.

Thank you for your consideration and for your support of Mississippi consumers.

Get Out and Vote!
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