Please Stand with Israel

As your constituent, I urge you to vote YES on the president's emergency aid package for Israel
when it comes up for a vote.

I strongly support the president’s unprecedented request of emergency assistance to Israel and
urge Congress to expeditiously pass this funding — without adding new political conditions — to
ensure Israel has what it needs to win this war.

Backed by Iran, Hamas terrorists have launched a barbaric, unprecedented and unprovoked
invasion against the Jewish state, committing unspeakable atrocities. The images of its brutality
are gruesome—reminiscent of the worst of Al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Taliban. America must
continue to support Israel's specific and achievable goals in this war: destroying Hamas'
capabilities, driving Hamas from power in Gaza, and freeing all the hostages. Israel has the right
and responsibility to respond and destroy this terror threat, regardless of how long it takes.

America’s leaders must continue to stand with Israel as it destroys this terrorist threat. Calls for
a ceasefire now must be rejected. A ceasefire would only serve to leave Hamas armed and in

I urge you to support the president’s package — without adding new political conditions — and
continue speaking out in support of Israel throughout the coming period.

Get Out and Vote!
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