Pass the Water Affordability Bill Package Today!

For years, Michigan families have been facing a water affordability crisis. Across our state, water bills have nearly doubled since 1980, and more families are unable to afford safe, clean drinking water. I strongly urge you support the Water Affordability bill package: House Bills 5088-5093 and Senate Bills 549-554.

Over 317,000 Michiganders were behind on their water bills during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the impact access to affordable water has on public health. House Bills 5088-5093 and Senate Bills 549-554 would create a statewide water affordability program that would help low-income households pay manageable rates by ensuring water bills are no more than 3% of that household’s income, would protect our most vulnerable from shut-off for non-payment and would offer additional wrap around support and assistance for minor plumbing repairs to better conserve water. 

The Michigan ALICE Report shows us that before the pandemic even hit Michigan, one in three households couldn’t afford basic needs. When people cannot afford to pay, they face loss of access to essential water services, added economic hardship, and grave risks to both individual and community health. We must ensure that water bills are affordable for those least able to pay and that no one loses service if they cannot pay. 

The inability to afford water services also directly impacts the water utilities. When water service providers have uncollected debt coupled with increased operation and maintenance costs, properly investing into our infrastructure is at risk. This legislation will benefit all ratepayers who won’t see price increases as a result of bad debt or the high cost of shutting off and restarting water. 

Please support households across Michigan by passing the water affordability package,  a huge step forward that ensures Michigan continues to lead the way in water access and affordability for all while safeguarding the health and well-being of our residents for years to come. 

Thank you for taking the time to consider my thoughts on this important issue and for your service to our community.

Get Out and Vote!
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