Oppose the American Privacy Rights Act

I am writing to express my concern about the proposed American Privacy Rights Act, currently under consideration in Congress. While the intent to safeguard consumer privacy is commendable, the bill’s provisions threaten to impose severe and unjust burdens on small businesses.

The bill’s private right of action is particularly troubling, as it opens the door for opportunistic lawsuits against small businesses over minor compliance issues. Most small businesses already take great care to protect customer data in accordance with existing laws. However, the new requirements could lead to crippling legal battles and financial devastation for businesses that inadvertently fall short of the new standards.

The bill exempts large technology companies from the same level of accountability, creating an uneven playing field where small businesses bear the brunt of compliance costs and legal risks. This is not only unfair but counterproductive to fostering a healthy and competitive marketplace.

I urge you to stand up for small businesses and oppose the American Privacy Rights Act. We need sensible privacy protections that do not jeopardize the livelihood of Main Street entrepreneurs.

Get Out and Vote!
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