Oppose HB4548

Dear Lawmaker,

I am writing to urge you to oppose HB 4548, a bill that threatens to significantly increase prescription drug spending for Illinois families. As your constituent, I am deeply concerned about the potential consequences of this legislation, which prioritizes the profits of special interests over the well-being of our community.

HB 4548 imposes burdensome mandates that will ultimately drive-up costs for families, small businesses and taxpayers. By mandating an additional dispensing fee and restricting preferred pharmacy networks, this bill threatens to dismantle cost-saving measures and limits access to affordable medication. In fact, the cost to Illinois families, businesses and taxpayers is expected to be almost half a billion dollars in the first year of implementation alone.

As a voter in your district, I am asking you to stand against HB 4548 and reject this harmful government mandate. We cannot allow special interests to dictate healthcare policy at the expense of Illinois families. Please prioritize the needs of your constituents and oppose HB 4548 to protect access to affordable healthcare for all.

Thank you for your attention to this critical issue.

Get Out and Vote!
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