Oppose AB3129 !!!

Dear [Lawmaker’s Name],

I’m writing to strongly oppose AB 3129, which harms access to health care in communities across California by cutting off private funding for local hospitals, clinics, doctors and other health care providers.

Many communities are already struggling to keep the hospitals, doctors and other providers they need to meet their health care needs – we can’t afford to cut off a vital funding lifeline that helps preserve access to care.

AB 3129 would:

Cut Off Private Funding Lifeline for Health Care Providers Many community hospitals and other health care providers are under-resourced and struggling – particularly in under served communities.  AB 3129 would give one politician the unilateral power to reject private funding that can serve as a lifeline for struggling health care providers and as the resources needed to expand access to care.


Risk More Closures of Community Hospitals and Other Health Care Providers. California has already experienced what happens when health care investments have to be approved by the Attorney General, in the case of Madera Community Hospital.  Madera went bankrupt and was forced to shut its doors when the Attorney General imposed unmeetable conditions on its sale.  The consequences were disastrous: the hospital closed, forcing patients to travel miles to receive care at more distant hospitals, which were in turn swamped by the influx of patients.


Further Strain California’s Health System – Forcing Taxpayers to Save Struggling Institutions Many patients already face delays in accessing the emergency, behavioral, obstetric and other care services they need – especially in underserved areas including rural California.  We cannot address this crisis without significant additional funding in the system.  If we block private funding, it will push health care institutions to the brink and require tax dollars to intervene and preserve access to care.


AB 3129 threatens access to health care and will leave taxpayers on the hook.  For these reasons, I urge you to oppose AB 3129.


[Your Name]

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