Here is a copy of the letter we will send to your lawmakers:

There is a lot of hope seeded throughout the current reconciliation package in Washington, but the proposed drug pricing plan is not one of them. I urge you to vote against it. I was baffled when I found out Democrats buried a 95 percent drug tax in the bill that would punish Americans who are already disenfranchised by our nation’s existing healthcare system and putting yet another roadblock to minority Americans’ access to affordable medicines.

We should be looking at measures that alleviate fiscal burdens in healthcare, not ones that balloon them. Our country is struggling to combat the ongoing blows from COVID-19 and passing this harmful tax will only exacerbate those challenges. The Biden Administration promised not to raise taxes for those making less than $400k annually, yet this hidden drug tax violates that promise. Voting in favor of this tax will hurt many Americans who are already hurting. It’s time they were dealt a helping hand. I appreciate Congress’ efforts in seeking solutions to skyrocketing drug prices, but a 95 percent drug tax is not the answer. I urge you to vote ‘no’ on the 95 percent drug tax.

Get Out and Vote!
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