Let’s Stop The Opioid Crisis Today

Hi [XXX],

More than 108,000 American lives were lost in the last year due to opioid-related overdoses. In other words, 220 Americans are dying every single day from an opioid-related overdose.

In 2020, the economic impact of the opioid addiction crisis was over $1.5 trillion. Outdated Medicare reimbursement policy continues to incentivize the use of opioids over non-opioid therapies in treating acute pain, despite the fact that the CDC says non-opioids are just as effective.

The bipartisan NOPAIN Act (H.R.3259, S.586) would help combat the opioid addiction crisis by expanding access to safe, non-opioid pain management options in the outpatient surgical setting.

Congress MUST include the NOPAIN Act in the end of year legislative package.
The NOPAIN Act would help prevent addiction before it starts, reduce the human and economic devastation of the crisis, and keep more families from being torn apart.

I urge you to pass the NOPAIN Act in the end of year package to protect more Americans from the harms of addiction.

Thank you [NAME] for your leadership on this important issue and for acting – this year – to include the bipartisan NOPAIN Act in end-of-year legislation.

Thank you,

Get Out and Vote!
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