Let’s Legalize Mobile Gaming

Dear Lawmaker,

I am a constituent who strongly supports legalizing mobile gaming in Wyoming, and I hope you do as well and will vote for HB 120.  Instead of leaving mobile gaming to illegal websites that prey on kids, we should allow adults in Wyoming the freedom to safely place wagers on casino games they love via their phones. 

Please pass common sense legislation so that I and many other constituents of yours support. Wyoming could use the $9 million in revenue that safe and legal online gaming will provide. 

As your constituent, I hope you will support making it legal for adults in Wyoming to participate in mobile gaming and vote yes on HB 120.  The legislation will be a win-win for our state, because it will increase freedom and flexibility for adults who wish to bet on table games while also generating significant tax revenue for the state. As someone who greatly enjoys mobile sports betting, I can tell you that legal mobile gaming is also an important priority to me. 

Please support iGaming in Wyoming! 

I am a constituent and am writing to urge you to support legalizing mobile gaming in Wyoming by supporting HB 120. This bill will give adults in Wyoming the freedom to legally bet on casino games online, just like seven other states already allow. I also urge you to consider that by passing this legislation, Wyoming will effectively be cracking down on illegal online gambling sites that prey on kids and people who are addicted to gambling. 

As your constituent, I ask that you please support legalizing mobile gaming in Wyoming.

Get Out and Vote!
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