Let’s Help Our Farmers With The Support They Need

Our nation’s farmers and ranchers are at the forefront of feeding our nation and stewarding our environment. It’s our responsibility to listen to what they need and offer support in return. According to studies, 74% of farmers support increasing funding for voluntary USDA conservation programs.

That’s why I’m asking you to empower America’s farmers and ranchers through the voluntary programs under the 2023 Farm Bill Conservation Title. Our farmers are all-in on championing conservation on their land. Unfortunately, a small percentage of farmers in our state can access resources provided by these programs. We must ensure we are meeting their needs to protect the environment while they feed America. 

I ask that you:

  • Preserve and expand voluntary USDA conservation programs
  • Empower local farmers and ranchers to adopt practices that make their production more efficient and reduce emissions
  • Leave the agriculture industry stronger and more resilient for future generations.

Our farmers and ranchers are counting on your support. Thank you for your leadership on this issue.

Get Out and Vote!
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