Let’s Drop TVA

Here is a copy of the comment we will send to your lawmakers:

Dear Council member,

I am emailing to urge you to support ending Memphis’ and MLGW’s contract with the TVA. Multiple reports by Siemens and the Brattle Group have affirmed that MLGW could save up to $350 million annually by switching to cheaper, cleaner power such as solar and wind.

Many MLGW customers already face bills so large that their “energy burden” (cost of bill to size of income) is the largest in any big city in America. Some Memphians have been spending as much as 25% of their income on energy bills, putting them in the difficult position of having to choose between providing food and healthcare for their families or keeping the lights on and running water in their homes at night. This is unjust and unsustainable.

Get Out and Vote!
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