Imperial County Clean Energy

 To the Blue Ribbon Commission,

This letter is to express my support for continuing to develop the lithium industry in Imperial County and to raise concerns about adding more burdens and regulations. I appreciate the Commission’s concern for our community and the resources within it, which have been underserved for decades.

As I understand it, the Commission’s expressed purpose was to support the development of the lithium industry by finding additional investment and market opportunities and offer recommendations to overcome economic and regulatory challenges.

Unfortunately, the way I read the draft report, it seems that the Commission is instead looking to add additional regulations, and mandates on the lithium industry, which will very likely slow down the development of the industry, jeopardizing the economic and environmental benefits that Imperial County has already secured by working with the state and the producers.

Let’s continue to work together to improve these projects and focus on finding the best path forward that balances our need for environmental revitalization and clean energy, allowing Imperial Valley to thrive to secure our future here in Imperial County.

Get Out and Vote!
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