Gov Newsom Please Sign The Bill Sitting On Your Desk

Letter to Gov Newsom:

Governor Newsom, 

I am writing to ask for your signature on SB 1469, which would provide a powerful tool for water providers to encourage customers to save water and fight the drought.

As climate change intensifies California’s drought conditions, it is critical we support a wide range of policies to encourage water conservation for customers and water providers.

SB 1469 would help promote conservation by giving water users like me, a financial incentive to reduce water use. It would give water providers the chance to create more equitable water rates that ensure people who use more water, pay more. Additionally, it will help providers offer important conservation programs to customers that could include rebates for drought-resistant landscaping efforts, assistance updating to high-efficiency home appliances or helping families repair leaky sprinkler systems. Conservation measures like these are critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and directly addressing climate change head-on.

Governor Newsom, please sign SB 1469 to help Californians be a part of the solution in conserving more water.

Thank you

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