Early Cancer Detection Is A Better Option

To: Speaker Pelosi or Senator Schumer

As your constituents, we the undersigned are calling on you to prioritize cancer screening and early detection by passing the Medicare MCED Screening Coverage Act (H.R. 1946/S. 1873).

·       Cancer screening tests covered by Medicare are currently limited to just five cancer types – breast, colorectal, prostate, lung, and cervical.

·       More than 9.5 million cancer screenings were missed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

·       ~70% of the 600,000 cancer deaths each year are caused by cancer types that do not have screening tests available.          

·       Multi-cancer early detection (MCED) tests are innovative blood-based screening tests designed to detect many different cancer types in early stages – often before symptoms occur. Some of these tests are capable of detecting dozens of cancers.

The Medicare MCED Screening Coverage Act (H.R. 1946/S. 1873) would create a pathway for coverage for MCED tests, once these tests are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and reviewed by Medicare. This critical legislation would help increase access to early cancer screening for people who are on Medicare. We are calling on Congress to take action by passing H.R. 1946/S. 1873. Without this legislation, coverage of MCED tests could be delayed for years after FDA approval, and many people with Medicare may not be able to access these innovative tests. We are counting on Congress to ensure that our most vulnerable have access to promising, live-saving cancer screening tests.          

Get Out and Vote!
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