Don’t Let Others Undermine Our Future!

Dear Lawmaker,

As an Arizona resident, I am writing to express my strong support for the Copper World Project
proposed by Hudbay in Arizona. As we navigate the transition to a greener economy, securing a
reliable domestic supply of copper is paramount. Copper is a critical component in renewable
energy technologies such as solar panels, wind turbines, and electric vehicles. By supporting
projects like Copper World, Arizona can play a vital role in ensuring the availability of this
essential resource for the nation’s sustainable energy future.

Furthermore, I believe it is crucial to emphasize the importance of maintaining rigorous
regulatory standards in mining operations, especially in comparison to countries with lax labor
and environmental regulations. By upholding high standards for environmental protection,
worker safety, and community engagement, Arizona can set an example for responsible mining
practices. This commitment not only safeguards our natural resources but also ensures the well-
being of workers and surrounding communities. I urge you to support Hudbay’s Copper World
Project and uphold stringent regulatory standards to promote sustainable development in
Arizona’s mining sector.

Get Out and Vote!
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