Don’t Let Insurance Companies Take Our $$$

I am contacting you as a constituent in your district who is opposed to HB1418, which helps special interests at the expense of Arkansas families.

HB148 is a Premium Theft Bill seeking to fundamentally change how medical expenses can be recovered in an injury case in Arkansas. Wrongdoers in these cases shouldn’t benefit from good, responsible decisions made by the victim. This bill would transfer the benefit of being responsible and years of paying premiums from the victim to the wrongdoer.

I understand how this bill helps insurance companies pay less to victims, but I can’t see how it will ever help a single family in your district. This bill punishes responsible Arkansans and rewards the irresponsible.

As my elected representative, I ask you to STOP this so that it cannot hurt hard-working and decent people across our great state.

Get Out and Vote!
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