Don’t Cut off our Natural Gas

Here is a copy of the letter we will send to your lawmakers:

I urge you to vote NO on SB 528, HB 708, HB 806, and HB 831. I support aggressive efforts to reduce emissions in Maryland, but these proposals go too far, too soon, without the necessary assessment of our grid, and without providing a balance of energy choices that would allow for a more safe and sustainable net-zero future.

The Senate added language to SB 528 that would explicitly allow counties, if they choose, to ban heating oil and propane or force electrification when replacing an HVAC or water heating system. Forcing homes and businesses to rely on one energy source is not only costly, but it is also putting us at risk when hurricanes and winter storms threaten the grid. One cyberattack could leave millions without any source of electricity, lighting, or heat. Using a combination of low-carbon and renewable energy solutions combined with electricity and solar will allow Maryland homes and businesses to be resilient while protecting our environment and giving consumers energy options that make the most economic sense.

Increasing costs on energy consumers right now by forcing retrofits or imposing a carbon tax is a bad idea.

Please vote NO on SB 528, HB 708, HB 806, and HB 831. Thank you for your consideration

Get Out and Vote!
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