Don’t Change Title IX

Here is a copy of the comment we will send to your lawmakers:

Email Subject: Comment on ED-2021-OCR-0166

I am writing to urge the Biden Administration to ditch its attempt to rewrite the Title IX regulations, which would strip young people on school campuses across the country of their due process rights.

Other than completely folding to the agenda of radical leftist politicians, there is no reason to get rid of the current regulations, which require schools to give both accusers and the accused important and predictable protections in cases of sexual harassment and assault. These protections include basic elements of the American justice system, like the right to a fair hearing, access to all the evidence, and the right to ask questions of witnesses. The current regulations ended the unfair “kangaroo court” system, in which schools used the same person to investigate, run, and decide Title IX cases.

The new rules would betray both the victims of sexual harassment and people accused of sexual misconduct by destroying these valuable due process protections, which help everyone participating in a Title IX proceeding. Gone would be the right to any hearing. Gone would be the right (of either side) to question a witness through their advisors. Gone would be the right of either party to see all the evidence. Back would be the kangaroo courts where one person could be judge, jury, and executioner. Back would be the right of schools to allow union members to get off the hook with a higher standard of proof, while the students get no such protection. Back would be endless litigation over outcomes motivated by bias and lack of due process. Please withdraw this damaging rule, which would turn sensible Title IX protections into a nightmare for students, teachers, and parents.

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