CUFI Letter

Here is a copy of the letter we will send to your lawmakers:

Dear Sen. McCollister,

As one of your District 20 constituents, I was deeply disappointed to learn that you did not support the Anti-Discrimination Against Israel Act (Bill #845) when the bill was brought before the Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee. I respectfully request that you support this pro-Israel legislation without delay.

The movement to boycott Israel is antisemitic. Its goal is the destruction of the world’s only Jewish state, and its backers regularly demonize Israelis and the Jewish people. I do not want my taxpayer dollars to subsidize this insidious effort, and taxpayers have every right to ensure our money is spent in a manner that reflects our values.

In addition, Israel is a key strategic ally and an important economic partner for our state. Israel is our nation’s closest ally in the Middle East. The people share our values and the country is a force for good in the region.

Thirty-three states have advanced similar measures. Several more will do so this year and Nebraska should be one of them. The people of our state deserve to have their voice on this issue heard via an up-or-down vote in the Nebraska Senate. Please vote to ensure this bill is heard on the Senate floor and our voice and values are represented via our legislators in Lincoln.


Get Out and Vote!
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