Careful with LA wages

Dear Councilmember,

I urge you to oppose the proposed $30 Wage Ordinance, a policy that threatens to have far-
reaching negative consequences for the people of Los Angeles.
While too many workers are struggling with Los Angeles’ high cost of living, such an ordinance
stands to disproportionately hurt small and minority-owned businesses, many of whom are still
recovering from the economic impacts of the pandemic and cannot absorb more increase in
wage costs.

As the City of Los Angeles faces an estimated $400 million budget deficit, the ordinance risks
reducing vital tax revenue that funds critical programs for homelessness, public safety,
education, and other social initiatives.

With the LA hospitality industry still below pre-pandemic levels, this proposal could lead to a
loss of tens of millions of dollars annually in tax revenue. According to the Los Angeles Tourism
and Convention Board, international visitors were down by a third, and convention bookings
were nearly 20 percent lower in 2023 compared to 2019. And the loss of visitors impacts the
entire economy. The Los Angeles Times reported that 2023 was one of the most challenging
years in memory for restaurants, citing that at least 65 notable restaurants closed which means
lost jobs, wages, benefits, and livelihoods for thousands of workers.
I also oppose the unfairness of a policy that would benefit just one sector of the workforce at the
risk of others, including our hard-working families working for other businesses who face the
same high cost of living.

I urge you to protect local jobs and stand with families, small businesses and oppose the unfair
$30 Wage Ordinance.


Get Out and Vote!
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