Boost Climate Action to Help Communities Now, Save California for Our Kids

California’s future is in your hands – please place on the November ballot a robust and equitable climate bond. With the June 27 deadline fast approaching, this is a make or break moment. 

California’s global leadership is at stake. We have standard-setting climate policies, expertise, and extensive global alliances but the scale of our climate challenges dwarfs our investments in the work. 

The signs are all around us. Wildfires are bigger and more dangerous than ever, darkening skies with toxic smoke. Our safety, access to clean water, and ability to produce healthy food are threatened by unpredictable cycles of rain and drought. Heat waves are more frequent and deadly than ever. 

These threats to our health, lives, and jobs threaten the California Dream for everyone. Give us a say on our climate future in November. We need you to work with Governor Newsom to place a robust, equitable climate bond on the ballot. This is the moment scientists are telling us to do more, not less. Give us – the voters – a say in protecting communities now and building a better future for our kids.

Get Out and Vote!
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