Ask Congress to Help Save Home Health!

As a member of the home health community, I am deeply concerned by the severe Medicare cuts, reaching nearly $20 billion, that our patients and community will face in the next ten years.

We are already seeing how Medicare cuts like this affect the patients we serve who need care in the home. Some patients needing home health have been turned away because we simply don’t have the staff or resources to care for them.

I was relieved to hear that a bipartisan group of lawmakers is offering a legislative solution to address these cuts, and I hope you’ll join in support.

The Preserving Access to Home Health Act (S. 2137/H.R. 5159) would prevent the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services from implementing dire -9.36% cuts to the Medicare Home Health Program and “temporary adjustments” for services already provided to Medicare patients during the pandemic.

Please consider co-sponsoring this legislation to protect the needs of our older population and the disabled community.

Get Out and Vote!
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