Access Funds to Fully Customize Your Child’s Education

Alaska parents, you have a right to determine how and where your children are educated!

Did you know that your family can use your child’s education allotment (funded through the state) for a variety of educational programs and services, including private schools? 

Under Alaska law, parents can enroll their child in the Correspondence School Allotment Program (CSAP), which allows families to oversee their children’s education while receiving reimbursement for classes from approved vendors, including private schools.

Students can attend private school full-time, take classes a la carte, or use allotment funds at many other approved vendors. CSAP allows parents to highly customize their child’s education based on their individual learning style and required needs.


Families must use the funds solely in paying for the student’s general education. Access is the first step; sign-up to learn more about how your family can take advantage of this first-in-the-nation program and receive these funds!

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