A Better Commonwealth for Working People

Dear Advocate,

Senator Creigh Deeds, your senator, is critically important for passing a paid sick
day standard in Virginia’s upcoming General Assembly. Senator Deeds is the new
Chair of the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee, which means that his view
will carry extraordinary weight.

Virginians for Paid Sick Days Coalition is advocating a standard requiring every
employer to allow working people to accrue up to five paid sick days – something
more than 40 percent of Virginia working people don’t currently have.
But even this modest standard of five days will be a fight. Opponents will seek to
exempt small businesses – the ones least likely to have paid sick days – and part-
time working people.

Help Virginia become the first state in the south to pass a paid sick day standard.
And, help make sure the bill covers all working people, including part-time folks.
Click below to send Senator Deeds a message urging his support for a paid
sick days bill that covers everyone.

Email to Senator:

Dear Senator Deeds,

Congratulations on your re-election and your appointment as new chair of the
Commerce and Labor Committee.
I live in your district and urge you to help your committee pass a strong paid sick
day standard in Virginia. We need a bill that covers everyone, not a bill that
exempts small businesses and part-time workers. Workers employed by small
businesses and part-time workers are the ones least likely to have paid sick days.
Please use your leadership to pass a paid sick day bill that covers all workers.

Everyone deserves a few paid sick days.

Your action will help make Virginia a better commonwealth for working people.


Jase Hatcher, Coordinator
Virginians for Paid Sick Days Coalition

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