A discussion that is ongoing in Federal Politics is the issue of the climate crisis. This affects all of us, not just those in the country we live. It is something that is being looked at by many countries. It is a complex issue that is bound to take time to solve. It can be hard to comprehend what is taking place on the other side of the world and how that will affect our lives. This is why it is a topic the government is taking seriously.


What Is It?

What is the current climate crisis? It may be hard to tell what is happening when all we see is outside our doors. And it can be challenging to know what information we can trust. What is well known is that the Artic is melting, sea levels are increasing, more fires are happening, and coral reefs are dying. All things that will affect how we live our lives in the future. There is debate on how it will affect us, but these things we can measure and know they are happening.



Extreme Weather 

An issue we can all see on the news if it is not happening in our area is extreme weather events. Along with more fires, we are also experiencing more hurricanes and earthquakes. Everyone is affected in some part by the weather. It can wipe out entire towns and cities. Crops and livestock being destroyed affect all those that rely on those resources. No matter where you live, these weather events change how we live.



Two things that we need are air to breathe and water to drink. Climate change will have an impact on both of these. It will begin to worsen the air quality. With the increase in forest fires, we see how it can change the air quality. The smoke can travel and influence the quality of air all around. The decrease in the forest from fires and its being harvested also changes the air we breathe. We need fresh air to keep our lungs healthy.



Water is another thing we need to stay healthy, which the climate crisis will alter. Our health will not be able to be maintained without pure drinking water. The diseases will spread more easily. The oceans are also another resource we need. The climate is changing them as well. The food source we take from it is declining as different reefs are being damaged. There are other findings that the ocean is becoming more acidic. This will continue to eliminate the sea as a resource to us.



Some do not agree that there is a climate crisis. Some even have research to back up the opposing thoughts on the issue. In a Psychological research study, they found the reason most do not like the topic. They found that most believed that is too large and intimidating of an idea to understand. Unfortunately, it is too much, so they ignore the problem.

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