When we head to the store, we do not tend to look and see where things came from. Many are looking at the ingredients or what it says it can do. We are less interested in what country it came from. Some items may be harder to get when our country and another are not trading. With the turmoil going on, it could be harder to get some of those items that the United States imports from Ukraine and Russia. What are some of the top products that we obtain from these countries? Here are some you may feel in your local stores.



If you love to cook, it may be time to start growing some of the spices you use the most. Some top imports from Russia are coffee, tea, and spices. Those coffee and tea drinkers may have noticed the signs at their local coffee shops. Many have had a more challenging time getting their ingredients, so signs about limited menus are starting to be displayed. There may be a need to start changing your favorite order. We will savor our drinks more, knowing they are harder to get.



It may be news to many, but Ukraine has been a big part of our mornings. They export a lot of cereal. Those that reach for a cold breakfast instead of a hot one may see a limit in their choices. On the other hand, those that enjoy hot eggs will also feel the pinch. Eggs are one of the imports from Russia and many other dairy products. So it seems we may be looking for alternatives for our morning meals. That large glass of milk may have to be a special treat until things begin to get back to normal.



Take a trip to your local hardware store, and you will notice a significant spike in many supplies. We all know that home prices have taken a drastic increase. One of the factors could be that it costs so much more to get the wood and metal needed to build a safe home. Russia imports wood, iron, and steel to the United States. One of Ukraine’s top exports to us is also metal materials. With two big providers in a war, we can see why it may not be the time to start a large project.


We all feel the need for our computers, phones, and other electronics. The parts that make them all work come from all over the world. One of those places is Ukraine. We import many of our electronics from them. Instead of upgrading as often, we may feel the need to keep our devices longer. Prices will continue to climb, and we need to ensure we are getting our money’s worth out of all of our products.


Seeing a slowdown in imports, we must do our best to make products last. Take care not to take more than we need as well.


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