Two government parties tend to take all the spotlight. The Democrats and the Republicans typically take center stage, but other parties are out there. One of those parties is the Green Party. The Green Party has a specific platform. Before the next election, it would be good to investigate all your option before aligning yourself with one party over the other. Take a look at a brief review of some of the ideals of the Green Party.

Four Pillars

They are based on four pillars, peace, ecology, social justice, and democracy. They believe that peace should be achieved worldwide. One of their goals in this area would be to cut the military budget, feeling that their presence is immoral and unsustainable. Climate change is the base of their Ecology pillar. They believe we need to move everything to renewable energy and away from fossil fuels. Social justice is the next pillar. Creating a living wage to battle the falling wages and increase the cost of goods. Finally, within the democracy pillar, they want to level the playing field. They propose to do with the public financing election, more open debated and better voting system.

Responsibility and Sustainability

Three of their ten fundamental values are ecological wisdom, personal and global responsibility, and future focus and sustainability. These go together in that they focus on the wellbeing of the planet. The Green Party wants to promote organizations that focus on peace, economic justice, and the earth. They also want to see actions looking to the long-term goals of making our presence in the world more sustainable. Preserving what we still have left for future generations is their ultimate goal.


They have multiple values that revolve around respect. One is the respect for diversity. They strive to have a respectful relationship across the human spectrum. They also want to respect the differences in opinion and gender, as stated in their crucial value of feminism and gender equality. Along this same idea is the value of grassroots democracy. Everyone should have a say in anything that will affect their life. No one should be forced to do anything by another. Their last value that focuses on respecting all is social justice and equal opportunity. All should have access to benefit from resources given to the society and environment. They will push for equal justice in the courtroom as well.

human rights

Wealth and Power

Decentralization and community-based economics are two more of their values. They want to take the wealth and power from the few and reconstruct in a more beneficial way. They want to create a less bureaucratic system. The workplace they believe should lean toward a structure that allows more employee ownership. Another unique value is limiting the size, and power corporations can accumulate.


The last value that needs to be mentioned again is that they do not believe in violence. They would like to see all the weapons of mass destruction destroyed.

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